ISMP 15 following by the nspm-9 standard



 What is ISPM15?

ISPM15 is an internationally agreed standard for the treatment of wood packaging. It covers pallets, cases and crates that are manufactured from non-man made wooden materials. Materials such as plywood and chipboard, which pose no risk, are exempt. In order for wood packaging to become compliant it is required to undergo either a process of heat treatment or fumigation, both of which must be carried out to an agreed standard and by an approved source. Only once the packaging has been treated it may be officially marked as ISPM15 compliant.

Why do we need ISPM15?

ISPM15 is progressively being adopted worldwide as a measure to minimize the risk of unintentional plant pest transportation such as the Asian longhorn beetle and Pine wood nematode, the effects of which can be devastating as the USA and a number of other countries have experienced. 



What is involved in heat treatment?

It is required that the core temperature of the timber is heated to a minimum of 56 Deg Celsius for 40 minutes. To achieve this the timber is placed in our furnace with temperature sensors inserted into the core of the timber. The furnace is then heated, whilst being monitored by a computer with data logger, until the core temperature is achieved and maintained for 40 minutes.

How do I know that the timber has been treated?

Approved heat treated timber in India will be stamped with the IN & HT Wood Packaging Material Marking Programmed (WPMMP) stamp, which is governed by the Ministry of Agricultural which inspects our furnace every 2 years. Every Pallet will carry this mark in a visible location. (ie. Pallet Block /Plank). Documentary evidence (Heat Treatment Certificate) is provided with any order for heat treated pallets, the pallet will have been stamped, branded with the Treatment Code, Country Code, Registration No. and Forestry Commission No..  


We are using the advanced technology in Heat Treatment process, which is controlled and monitored by

computerized control panel linked with data logger 

This advanced data logger can get the temperature  details and process information by the sensors, all this 

machine operates by computerized 

Computerized Data Logger

Computerized Data Logger