Welcome to Esteem Pallet and Packagings

Welcome to Esteem Pallet and Packagings

Welcome to Esteem Pallet and PackagingsWelcome to Esteem Pallet and PackagingsWelcome to Esteem Pallet and Packagings

Manufacturing all types of Wooden Pallets

ESTEEM PALLET AND PACKAGINGS is one of the best pallets supplier located in Hyderabad. We are the manufacturers of all types of Euro, US, UK Standard and Customized Wooden Pallets, Wooden Crates, Wooden Boxes & Plywood Pallets


we are the Single Roof to all Your Requirements

 ESTEEM PALLET AND PACKAGINGS  is a single roof to all the packing materials and packing services like Wooden Pallets, Wooden Crates, Wooden Boxes, Plywood Pallets, Plywood Sheets, HDPE Pallets / Plastic Pallets, Pinewood Lumber, Dunnage Air Bags, Protective Angle Boards / Edge Boards, Stretch Film & Palletisation


ISPM-15 Wooden Pallets

 ESTEEM PALLET AND PACKAGINGS is established with the Heat Treatment Plant also..... We can provide all the wooden packing materials as per customer requirements, if required we can provide the Heat Treatment as per ISMP-15. 

We can do the HT process in our in-house and providing the certifications. We are authorized and approved FHAT provider IN-564 HT by Government of India. 

 So all customers have to understand and give your valuable support.




We have the most efficient power back-up system, in any urgent cases TS power not available 

then also we can run the plant and serve our customers by using our Power Generator 

About us

ESTEEM PALLET AND PACKAGINGS is a well established Manufacturing company with latest technology machines. We are a leading suppliers & service providers of the following Products


+ Wooden Pallets

+ Wooden Crates

+ Wooden Boxes

+ Plywood Pallets

+ Plywood Boxes


+ HDPE / Plastic Pallets

+ Plywood Sheets

+ Protective Angle Boards / Edge Protective Boards

+ Dunnage Air Bags

+ Stretch Film Rolls

+ Pinewood Lumber / Virgin Imported Pinewood


+ Heat Treatment as per ISPM-15 by following the standard NSPM-9

+ Palletisation

+ Lashing of the Container

+ Transportation

ESTEEM PALLET AND PACKAGINGS is a brand of quality and we are supplying our Pallets and Packing materials to all the sectors without any quality issue.  We are operation our plant from Phase 1 , IDA Cherlapally, Hyderabad, Medchal District.

ESTEEM PALLET AND PACKAGINGS aim to manufacturing and supply the highest quality pallets, crates & boxes at affordable prices without any quality issues.  We  pursue excellence in all areas of our business in our manufacturing process, in our products and in our service. It is our intention to achieve this by offering:

• Products that meet all standard requirements
• Competitive prices
• First class customer service
• Complete deliveries on time

We strive to achieve the optimum recycling performance for the customer, ourselves and the environment.

Customers are at the heart of our business and we are committed to continually review and improve processes, products and services, to meet and exceed customer’s expectations.